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Per 1 Bundle = 50 grams = 20 tapes

Reccommended: 4-5 bundles  for natural styles; 6 bundles for fuller look styles


PriceFrom $95.00

Please be sure to consult with your hairstylist to determine which tape-in textures are best for your natural hair texture.

Tape In extensions are extremely sensitive to moisure. So it is highly reccommended not to oil your scalp. For anyone who suffer from dehydrated scalp, tape-in extensions are not the healthiest hairstyle to get due to the lack of moisure and a dry scalp can lead to hair breakage.

Highly reccommended: Washing your hair with tape-in extensions installed since it is a semi permanent hairstyle. It is important to keep the adhesive strip clear of moisture and dirt. Once your hair starts to become oily or dirty, wash it immediately to ensure the lasting of extensions.

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